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Veterans Build the Giving Muscle
Veterans Build the Giving Muscle

This is the Build the Giving Muscle Program. In the first month, your credit or debit card is charged $1, then the next month, it’s $5. The next is $10, then $15, then $20, and then, finally it’s $25. So, in six months, you work up to the full membership of $25/month.

The Veterans Giving Circle focuses on donating to charities that support those who are serving or have served our country.

You could donate alone. But why? Be a part of a donation team and together, we'll make bigger donations to better charities.
Donation: $1.00


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This Veterans Giving Circle supports charities that serve those who have served our country, so that these brave men and women get the job training, housing placement, health care, and other services they need to be healthy and happy.

We all benefit from the freedoms and rights found in America, but only a few of us have put our lives on the line to defend it. In the line of duty, they experience all kinds of hardships ranging from being separated from their families for long periods of time to serious injury and death. Their sacrifices don’t stop there, and they suffer disproportionately high rates of suicide, unemployment, homelessness, and mental illness.

We believe that those who’ve served our country deserve better.

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